Ergonomic Mouse

  • $32.99


Power Type: Rechargeable
Brand Name: Delux
DeLUX Model: M618LU
Type: Wired
Style: 3D
Time to market: Dec-04
Package: Yes
Hand Orientation: Right
Gross Weight: 270g
Interface Type: USB
DPI: 1600
Operation Mode: Opto-electronic
Model Number: SH-M618YX
Number of Buttons: 6
Number of Rollers: 1
Function 1: Vertical Mouse
Function 2: wired vertical mouse delux
Function 3: 800/1200/1600 DPI vertical mouse delux
Function 4: Ergonomic Mouse
Function 5: vertical mouse usb
Function 6: Mause USB
Function 7: Original Delux M618 wired
Application: Desktop, Laptop
Optical Resolution: 1600 DPI


1.What's is the vertical mouse ? Do I need this kind of mouse ? 

The vertical mouse is :  Ergonomic mouse 

When the user using item , the plam and desk close to vertical status . so we also call it ergonomic mouse .

When we use the normal mouse , the plam is down to the desk , if use the normal mouse for long time , Wrist will be squeezed repeatedly , the Nerve vessels of Wrist will be damaged , it will cause pain or Lesion to the wrist .

If you use the normal mouse for long time , you need a vertical mouse to relieve hand pressure , using vertical mouse will help to educe the pressure and pain of the  wrist.

2.New hand type operation, release your wrist, gallop fly.

3.Precision reasonable function layout, it is more relaxing and simple use.

4.Scientific ergonomic design, stretch the human body meridian at the greatest degree;

5.Three files adjustable laser engine, adapted to different usage situation, help you to position accuratly.

6.Plug and Play ,  drive will be installed automatic.

7.DPI : 800-1200-1600.

8.The number of buttons: 6.