LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard Laptop

  • $69.99


1. Professional Backlight Russian Crack LED Keyboard .

2. Super performance and Rapid response , we use the professional gaming chip , more stable , and faster than others .

3. Built-in high-quality PV light guide layer , you can change the color : red / blue / purple .

4. Built-in 12 combination of multimedia combination, 19 key with no conflict.

5. Moderate key Distance , with build-in Silica gel , make the Rebound faster , make it to be mechanical feeling .

6. LED Adjust :

FN+SL: Change the color between red/blue/purple .

FN+Arrow key UP : Increase brightness.

FN+Arrow key Down: Reduce brightness .

7. Waterproof design .

8. USB Port , plug and play .


Mouse : 

 1.What this mouse design for ?

This wired mouse is design for game , and also supports office and home use .


2.This mouse can glow ?

Yes , when you connect it with PC , it will glow , it is build in Breathe LED , the color of LED will change between purple/red/blue .


3.Who about the button ? 

Mouse pulley(Anti-skid design) , left/right button , DPI button , Forward and Back button .


4.What's the length of the wired ?

The wired is 140 cm .


5.Why you stress it's 150g ?

Because as for playing game or office use , if the mouse is heavier , you will feel your hand more comfortable .


6.What's the dpi , and what's the DPI of this mouse ?

The number of mouse samples per inch. Clearly speaking, that is, the mouse moves an inch, the mouse itself can be collected from the mobile surface to change the number of points. 800-1600DPI is for office or home use , if more than 1600 dpi , it is for gaming , the DPI can be adjusted .

The DPI of this mouse is 800-1600-2400-3200 .